Gerson & Co. Tropics Matte Clay Review – Great Hair Product for Humid Weather

Gerson & Co. is a men’s grooming brand from Singapore, and their Tropics Matte Clay has received quite a bit of praise online lately. Because of this, I contacted them for a review, and they were kind enough to send a jar out my way.

Tropics Matte Clay is a water-based hair clay advertising a strong hold and, well, a matte finish. Similar to products like Bayside and Arcadian Clay, this is a pasty one, but it’s one I’ve had much more success with compared to those.

Enough with the intro, let’s get moving.

Gerson & Co. Tropics Matte Clay Video Review

First Impressions

Gerson & Co. Tropics Matte Clay

Packaging and Presentation: 4/5. Tropics Matte Clay comes in an elegant glass jar with a smooth white label. However, some of the design elements are slightly too washed out and takes away slightly from the vibrance I would associate with the word “tropics”.

Scent: 5/5. The standard scent for Tropics is a clone of the cologne Aventus by Creed. It’s a smooth, slightly smoky and fruity scent that never ventures into a candy sweetness. It’s awesome. Also, I see Gerson & Co. frequently offering limited variant scent options for this product on a regular basis as well in case you want to try something different.


Consistency: 5/5. Inside the jar, you’ll see a smooth, yet also waxy-looking product insight. Despite the high wax content, it scoops from the jar with ease and will spread evenly across your hands with minimal effort.

Application: 3/5. Gerson & Co. recommends this product be applied to blow-dried hair and I agree. If you apply to damp hair, it will get too stiff and sticky and will feel like you covered your hair in cheap hairspray rather than a high-end hair clay. When applied to blow dry hair, you will feel a grip from the clay but you shouldn’t worry about ripping your hair out or anything.


Control: 4/5. Tropics Matte Clay allows the user to achieve immense volume with a true strong hold and zero weight. It has that drier, pasty grip initially that provides an instant hold to work with and no delayed setting time. Unlike some other pasty clay products, however, Tropics also has enough control to keep my hair cohesive without it curling up in my problem areas.

Hold: 5/5. Advertises a strong hold, and strong it is. Could potentially be a notch down for extraordinarily thick hair, but I would say it is strong in my medium hair type.

Endurance: 4/5.

Matte: 5/5. Perfectly matte. Simply put.

Texture: 5/5. Absolutely beautiful, layered, and balanced texture. You get both coarse and fine texture that adds dimension and depth to your hairstyle that goes beyond what I experience with most clays.

Dryness: 4/5. Tropics does have some of that pasty dryness that I’m not a fan of in certain clay products. However, it never goes overboard like what I experience with some others.

Restyling 3/5. Possible, but do not expect it to perfectly replicate your initial look. I actually like the way this product degrades throughout the day, and I think it gets better the longer it sits in the hair.

Rinsing: 5/5. One round of shampoo and it’s all gone. Standard washout for homebrewed water-based products.

Tropics Matte Clay Mid-Day

Tropics Matte Clay end of Day

Final Verdict for Gerson & Co. Tropics Matte Clay: 4.33/5

As far as more “pasty” hair clay products go, I’ve had more luck with Tropics Matte Clay than any other similar sort of product. I like that it has a balanced pasty quality without ever going overboard. You get exactly what you want without many drawbacks. I would definitely recommend this for someone who wants a drier clay product that is still easy to control and can hold up in hot or humid weather without greasiness.

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Purchase a Jar of Tropics Matte Clay here.

Tropics Matte Clay PRoduct Comparisons

Bayside Original Clay: Similar hold and dry, pasty feeling. Bayside is drier and stiffer in finish and is more difficult to use in wavy hair.

Arcadian Clay: Arcadian has a notch less hold, an easier scoop, and is both drier and water-soluble. I prefer Tropics to Arcadian.

O’Douds Matte Paste: Similar hold and consistency in the jar. O’Douds is a stiffer product than Tropics and can tangle the ends of wavy hair.